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Alex Daoud Fights Eviction By Daughter Kelly Hyman

Alex Daoud Fights Eviction By Daughter Kelly Hyman

Disgraced former Miami Beach mayor fights to stop his own daughter evicting him from million dollar home

Article first appeared in the Daily Mail on June 27,2014
by Ryan Gorman

A former mayor of Miami Beach who spent time behind bars for accepting bribes and tax evasion is now pleading poverty as his daughter fights in court to evict him from a million-dollar home.

Alex Daoud, 71, served 18 months in prison during the 1990s for tax evasion, accepting bribes and obstructing an investigation into his activities. Daughter Kelly Hyman insists she owns the house and wants him evicted.

Hyman’s name is on the deed because a bank advised Daoud to put the property in her name due to his poor credit and lack of income outside of social security benefits, he told the Miami Herald.

‘I am 71 and in poor health,’ he said. ‘I am not going to make it much longer. Couldn’t she just wait until I die?’

Daoud, who served as mayor of the resort town from 1985 to 1991, claims he will be homeless if he loses the two-bedroom, three-bathroom house only blocks from the water, but his daughter disagrees.

‘He has the financial means to find a suitable and comparable place to live or he can live in the Gardens Apartments, which is where he lived before I acquired the house,’ she told the paper.

Alex Brito, the ex-con’s lawyer, says he is the only one who has paid the mortgage on the home, which he shares with a German Shepherd.

Daoud moved into the home in 2005 after forming Bouganvilla Investments with his daughter, who is listed as the incorporator and president of the company.

‘His credit was shot and he wanted to lay low,’ Brito said.

Bouganvilla acquired the property only after suing the previous owner when he tried to back out of an agreement to sell. Hyman claims the suit was only settled so she could buy the property.

The shamed politician removed Hyman’s name from the deed soon after moving in, setting off a legal battle that has gone on since 2006.

‘“I trusted her,’ said Daoud. ‘I loved her. I still love her.’

He wanted to lay low because he was afraid of dying while behind bars after cutting a deal with the government to wear a wire and help gather evidence against his co-conspirators after being hit with 41 criminal charges.

The deal reduced his five-year sentence but left him broke when he left prison in 1995. Daoud claims he spent over $1million on his legal defense. The former lawyer also lost his law license and his wife filed for divorce.

‘I made a lot of mistakes in my life,’ Daoud admitted.

Those mistakes included taking kickbacks and not paying taxes, and once the ball started rolling he was unable to turn back.

‘One thing led to another,’ he recalled.

The shady backroom dealings were detailed in a self-published 2006 book he says generates very little income.

‘I’ll be homeless,’ he said. ‘I have nothing left.’

Hyman, who is married to a bankruptcy judge, remains undeterred in her fight to take the home from her father.

A judge will decide who owns the property later this year.