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Prenup Paul is at it Again! Have you no shame sir?

Prenup Paul is at it Again! Have you no shame sir?

It seems as though one of our favorite villains is at it again. This time, the “honorable” (laughable) ex-judge, Paul G. Hyman Jr. is accused of “unlawful exercise of undue influence, duress and over persuasion” in respect to a dying 95 year old holocaust survivor who happened to be his former father-in-law, the self-made millionaire, Dr. Theodore Fried.

Paul Hyman is accused of using his stature as a US Federal judge to intimidate, coerce and frighten this poor man into rewriting his will in order to satisfy his own unquenchable thirst for money.

Dr. Fried and his wife, Theresa (also a holocaust survivor), had two children, Judy L. Fried and Peter R. Fried.

Prior to marrying the avaricious adulteress, Kelly Daoud-Hyman, our prenup pal, Paul Hyman, was married to Judy Fried. Paul and Judy had two children, Zachary and Kaylee. Judy, tragically passed away from esophageal cancer in 2010.

In response to their mother’s passing, Dr. Fried and his wife, Theresa, graciously gave their two grandchildren, Zachary and Kaylee, one million dollars each as an advance (and settlement) of their respective inheritances.

Dr. Fried’s wife, Theresa, passed away 3 years later in 2013.

In the years that followed, Dr. Fried became increasingly disenchanted with his grandchildren, Zachary and Kaylee. He was unhappy about the manner in which they squandered the money he had given them on luxury items and expensive cars; all while they rarely visited him.

In his will, Dr. Fried specifically limited the amount of money each of his grandchildren would receive upon his death to $100,000. This was in addition to the $2,000,000 that he had already given them while he was alive.

In 2017, while in his mid-nighties, Dr. Fried underwent two delicate surgeries to repair his heart valves in the course of 3 months. As a result, Dr. Fried was weak and fearful of his imminent death.

Well, guess who shows up at this point to threaten and intimidate Dr. Fried into rewriting his will? You guessed it, the “honorable” Paul G. Hyman, Jr. and his two greedy AF children, Zachary and Kaylee.

With the smell of blood in the water these avaricious carnivores rallied in one last feeding frenzy around the dying Dr. Fried. They succeeded in frightening him enough to completely rewrite his will and grant 60% of his estate to Hyman’s children, Zachary and Kaylee. Dr. Fried’s only living child, Peter’s inheritance was reduced to 40%.

Immediately thereafter, Paul Hyman then sought to have Dr. Fried declared incompetent so that he would be unable to modify his coerced version of last will and testament. What a stand-up sort of guy.

Dr. Fried passed away in 2018. Within days of his passing, his 2 grandchildren sent numerous and aggressive inquiries to Peter Fried, as Successor Trustee of Dr. Fried’s estate, that he resign and give control of all trust assets to their father and all around nice guy, Paul G. Hyman, Jr. You know, because he is so trustworthy and all. Sheesh!

Feel free to read the complaint, in its entirety, below. But, be forewarned, you’re going to feel dirty after reading it. It doesn’t get much more perverse than this folks.

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